Tesla is Suing an Engineer Who Stole Supercomputer Technology Secrets

San Francisco: Elon Musk’s company Tesla has filed a lawsuit against an engineer accused of taking “confidential and closely protected” secrets about supercomputer technology.

The Verge published that, citing court documents, the electric car maker filed suit against Alexander Yatskov for downloading the private information onto his personal devices that the defendant refused to return.

Yatskov breached its policy by “removing Tesla confidential information from the account and work devices and accessing it through his devices and generating Tesla documents that contained sensitive Project Dojo information on personal computers.”

Tesla claimed that it found Yatskov using classified emails to send details from his private email to his company email address.

Tesla has sued Yatskov for compensation and exemplary damages. We seek an order from a tribunal to force Yatskov to release all classified data.

The electric car manufacturer was sued by an ex-software engineer accused of copying trade secrets from internal systems.

The lawsuit brought against Alex Khatilov alleged that he took files of Tesla’s in-house Warp Drive software.

According to reports, it also accused him of “deleting potential evidence after security forces confronted him,” According to reports.

In 2019, Tesla filed a lawsuit against self-driving company Zoox in the case of four employees who previously worked for Tesla stealing confidential documents.

The case was later resolved and settled by Zoox, acknowledging that “certain of the new employees who came from Tesla” possessed Tesla documents.

Another case involving Guangzhi Cao, accused of stealing files related to the Tesla Autopilot system, was pending.


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