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One Piece is at its highest point right now. Fans are always searching for clues that could reveal the details of new episodes added to One Piece. With the anime finally starting round one of what is likely to be the most epic battle in One Piece history and Manga closing the most epic conflict, One Piece is trending like never before. Due to the events in the final episode of One Piece, fans cannot wait for the next episode in One Piece.

Therefore, we’ll provide you with all the details you need about One Piece Chapter 1050, including the release date and what you can expect from the chapter. Before we dive into the specifics regarding the One Piece Chapter 1050 release date, let’s look back at the events in the previous chapter of One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1049 Recap

Chapter 1049 in One Piece was titled “The World You Wish For” and focused on the world of dreaming for Luffy as well as Kaido’s Flashback. The flashback to Kaido revealed several resemblances with Kaido in comparison to Luffy.

The chapter starts with Luffy and Kaido engaged in Haki battles against Luyff’s latest move and Kaido’s newly flamed dragon form. Onigashima falls more quickly as they approach, and Momonsuke fights to keep Onigashima up.

In the meantime, we are treated to the long-awaited flashback to Kaido, which reveals the insurgent Kaido. Kaido was the most powerful warrior on his island, “Vodka,” even at the 10. As Luffy, Kaido also hates the Celestial dragon.

When Kaido was about 15 years young, he was enlisted from The Rocks Pirates, and often he’d let himself be snatched by marines when he was hungry. Ten years after the Rock’s pirates were defeated at the God Valley, he began his rule as the ruler of his home country of Wano Country.

After hatred for his fellow Celestial Dragons and eventually turning into one of them, this was the biggest problem with Kaido’s character. Luffy’s strength is increasing and Kaido begins to return. Kaido questions Luffy about which kind of world he’d like? Luffy says a world where his companions can eat as much as possible.

Then, Luffy punches Kaido with his new punch then Kaido begins to fall. While he’s falling in the fall, a flashback recalls Kaido and King’s exchange about Joyboy. Kaido says to King Joyboy is the person who will take on Kaido at some point. Momosuke succeeds in landing Onigashima and Luffy has exhausted his endurance at the end of the chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1050 Expectations

There are lots of expectations coming from The 1050th episode in One Piece. When we look at this, Luffy has returned to take on Kaido three times since being defeated. However, we haven’t seen Kaido return to fight Luffy. Is it going to be the traditional celebration at the end of each fight? This wouldn’t be enough for fans of One Piece Fans.

What is the likelihood that Kaido will come back to battle Luffy for another time? It’s possible, but it’s a possibility. Perhaps, we’ll get another flashback of Kaido before he wakes up.

If you recall that first battle Kaido beat Luffy, Kaido was disappointed that Luffy wasn’t Joyboy as well. It’s a fact that Kaido himself is looking forward to Joyboy and Kaido is likely looking for a spot in which he can be released from the things he’s endured by someone who will be defeated and that person is Joyboy.

Obviously, Kaido would not be struck dead by Luffy’s blow, but he could rise and perhaps thank Luffy for releasing him.

If things go badly and the situation is extremely bleak, then Wano could be a target for the World Government or the Blackbeard Pirates. Maybe, in the final analysis, Kaido might help Luffy and his crew escape his island in the Wano country? We don’t be able to tell exactly what would happen. The only thing we could do is keep watching for Chapter 1050 in One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1050 Release Date

The waiting to see The One Piece Chapter is going to take longer. Oda Sensei is taking breaks this week, so One Piece will be on break from Sunday. The One Piece chapter 1050 is scheduled to launch on the 29th of May 2022. The spoilers may be released early next week. Raw sans will be released on the 27th of May 2022.

Where can I go to One Piece?

You can read One Piece on VIZ and Manga Plus’ websites. Three chapters of the first chapter and the final three chapters in One Piece are free to browse on the websites mentioned above. To access the entire book, you’ll need to pay an annual subscription fee.


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