'Like a supermodel': Eileen Gu's Met Gala appearance lights up Chinese social media

The Winter Olympics star Eileen Gu set Chinese social media on fire when she attended Monday night’s famously expensive Met Gala in a figure-hugging Louis Vuitton mini-dress.

On the red carpet just days after she left China for the US, where she’s scheduled to start college in the season, the freestyle skier was within hours of the ceremony, the second most talked about subject on Twitter’s clone platform Weibo.

The hashtag #EileenGuMetGalaRedCarpet has now been viewed over 250 million times.

Growing up in California, the 18-year-old Gu has switched her sports affiliation to her mother’s homeland, China, ahead of this year’s Beijing Winter Games. Her popularity in China has enabled her to sign deals with brands like Victoria’s Secret and Tiffany & Co.

The partnership between the skier and Louis Vuitton has also seen her in prominent campaigns with the French luxury brand. The brand dressed the model in an unstraight dress with knee-high boots and an elegant clutch on the Met Gala red carpet, famous for its strict guest list.

Although some people questioned Gu’s commitment to the fundraising concept, “Gilded Glamour and White Tie,” Chinese netizens’ reactions to the style were generally positive.

“Her fashion and figure look like a supermodel,” Weibo users wrote. “Eileen Gu is stunning in this dress,” another commented, compared to her counterpart, DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman.

Some, however, believed the possibility that Gu was riding on the off the back from her Olympic medal victory. “She is profiting from her fame right now and is in a rush to increase her value in the business,” wrote one user. “What is a clever and efficient method.”

Gu was among many famous faces who attended, including Emma Stone, Cynthia Erivo and “Squid Game” star Hoyeonjung, wearing Louis Vuitton at the star-studded ceremony.

What is the reason? Eileen Gu is luxury fashion’s ideal model

While she is known for her athleticism, Gu is also represented by IMG Models, the agency that represents fashion icons like Bella Hadid, Kate Moss and Hailey Bieber. Before securing three medals in her debut Olympics on February 1, the skier might be seen at events in the fashion industry such as Paris Fashion Week.

Monday was her second time in this year’s Met Gala, attending the gala last year in the Carolina Herrera bubble dress.

“Compared with last year’s gala, she seemed to be more confident and began to look forward to the gala,” according to one Weibo user. Another user added: “She is only 18, yet she’s been invited twice to the Met Gala; twice.”

Last week Gu was a source of controversy on Weibo by posting a harmless message that said goodbye to China before traveling to the US to pursue her studies. In a post on behalf of her 6.8 million users on Weibo this week, Gu simply wrote: “Thank you, China,” using an emoji of the Chinese flag and an emoji of a heart.

Some users claimed that she was acting “like an outsider,” while others wondered what she thought when she said “thank you for your country” and “thank for your (my) nation.”

With several Chinese cities suffering from lockdowns and increasing epidemics of Covid-19, Gu has also received criticism for the time of her decision to leave. A few internet users criticized the stark contrast between Gu’s Met Gala appearance and the conditions facing millions of Chinese in China.

“If the disease persists and the economy continues to decline, the average person will lose the capacity to sympathize with these champions who don’t need to worry about their food or clothes and yet Eileen has no guilt,” One wrote on a Weibo user.


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