DTB Meaning - What Does DTB Mean When Texting?

TikTok is more than just an application. It’s a dictionary designed for children.

Since becoming famous, TikTok has developed its language. The application is full of terms that are slang, acronyms and slang. Synonyms along with phrases GenZ knows. Every day, there is one or another new term that is trending and spreads rapidly. The most recent word to be added to the language part of TikTok includes DTB.

We would love to know more about what DTB can do and the best way you can utilize it.

What is DTB mean for TikTok?

DTB was made famous by Don’t trust b#[email protected]%@s.’ A video shared by a user showed him ranting at cameras about his adorable romance, and then the phrase that has gained immense popularity with TikTok friends.

A Song Made It Viral.

The expression ‘DTB for life is a massive hit across this social media application because of this particular track. The song is DTB 4 Life by an artist dubbed The Boogie Wit da Hoodie. While the song premiered in February 2020, its popularity grew when the wordplay DTB first appeared on TikTok.

Musician Julius Dubose is an American musician and singer signed to Atlantic Records. His stage name, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, references Ace Boogie’s character in the 2002 film Paid the Label. The label is named Highbridge and a label is called the label.

DTB has an alternative meaning, too.

If you believe that DTB on Tiktok has only the previously mentioned significance, reconsider. The females who use the app have added some twists to the importance of DTB. When the guys say, “Don’t trust Bi#$%$,” The females refer to it as “Don’t trust Boys’.

The meaning behind this is based on one user who has made it easy for those with a curious mind by sharing the video of herself dancing before the DTB acronym and explaining the meaning – DON’T Trust Boys.

The meaning of the video drew a lot of attention from fellow female TikTok members, and they started sharing their fun videos using the exact words. Sure these videos have the message loud and clear that we’re not ready to let men into our lives.

Does DTB Have The Third Meaning?

When you thought that DTB had two meanings, then is the third. HOWEVER, this DTB significance isn’t derived from the popular social network. It is simply a reference to ‘Don’t text back.’

Don’t text back is frequently employed to stop people you’re communicating with not to replying. There are many reasons people make use of this expression. It could be that they do not want to interrupt the ongoing conversation! When you send someone a DTB and the entire discussion will be only one-sided.

This definition of DTB is the same as receiving an email that doesn’t need a response. The person who sent the email doesn’t want you to make comments on it. The data is available for you to view.

It’s no wonder that the internet is filled with phrases and slang that the younger generation enjoys bringing into their social media captions and texts. What terms do you have? Comment below.


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